Truc-Ya!! APP You load we go! You're not alone! For a quick pick-up! From bed to boulders.

  • Truc-Ya!! is a phone app that you download for free.

  • It’s like Uber but for people who have trucks and for customers who need a truck.

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User Friendly

Super Fast Speed

Low Memory Uses


Truc-Ya!! is a free phone app that you download on the IPhone or Android. It’s like Uber but for those truck owners that want to make extra cash full time or part time doing pick up of packages and delivering. Also helps move people from point A to point B.

Clients will be anyone who needs something moved and needs it done right away or make appointment. Truc-Ya!! will be utilized in the last mile delivery. Brick and mortar stores are closing and selling product via internet is getting huge. Amazon, Walmart, Ikea etc. Truc-Ya!! will help filling customers needs.

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